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Facilities Solutions is all about Quality Improvement ​

Presenting Quality Integrated Solutions for any Facility is our ultimate goal!​

Since 1999, Dr. Harri Emari, PMP has been working on integrating quality into process improvement of Design, Engineering, and Managing capital assets of various facilities.

Starting as a Civil & Environmental Engineer, Dr. Emari obtained his Construction Project Management Master's Degree and continued his Ph.D. education in Facility Management.

Quality Project Management Office (QPMO) is the methodology developed based on Engineering, Managing, and Reinventing Integration (EMARI) System Thinking Approach to empower people in improving process outputs for better business outcomes!

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Safety First, Quality Always! Ensuring quality integration in all strategic planning for Client Satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions​

BI4FM methodology is based on Data-Driven Business intelligence gathered for better Facility Management.  As part of the Quality PMO to improve operational processes and manage change projects, QPMO empowers existing talents and experts to select the best solution and automate them through digital transformation by utilizing innovative tools.

Performance & Quality Assurance​

Identifying the best solution based on the Facility's business goals and contractual requirements is the first and most important step for any quality improvement!  The QPMO methodology empowers the existing talent and expertise to select the best solution based on a facility's top priorities and resource availability.


BI4FM is the methodology developed for Facilities Quality Improvement based on QPMO methodology!

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