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BI4FM Methodology

Integrated Solution

Facilities.Solutions is committed to achieving excellence by combining the QPMO and CMBA methodologies. We improve our client's business outcomes and project processes by using quality-centric innovations for sustainable agility. The WQM methodology, which is our Center of Excellence, is the driving force behind this transformation. It provides professional managers with the necessary training and coaching to implement improvements through collaborative leadership. Facilities.Solutions will be managed through BI4FM Dashboard, which was developed by Dr. Emari in 1999, to excel in Owner's Representation, Integrated Project Management, and Construction Quality Management for infrastructure and capital asset improvement.

This proven approach refines organizational structure, quality assurance management, and introduces innovative tools to elevate Organizational Performance through Project Quality and Operational Excellence.

Facilities.Solutions approach empowers businesses and building owners to succeed in their capital improvement projects, ensuring improved human and organizational performance of any facility and organization. Our quarter-century legacy of effective quality leadership and management stands as a testament to the success of our BI4FM methodology.

What is common to all Facilities?

Key Solutions to Every Problem

At the core of every successful organization, institute, facility, and business lies the pivotal factor of people! Regardless of the domain, every facility shares four common organizational facets, and the Quality Project Management Office (QPMO) methodology is meticulously designed to place people at the heart of the solution. It underscores the profound impact individuals can have on organizational success, emphasizing their integral role in fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence across all domains.

Business Development

With Money and Will anything could happen, but proper Business Development is a key to success for any Organization

Professional Managers

Knowledge and Experience to design and manage the right tasks in a value stream of integrated processes

Quality PM Office

Initiatives succeed with people working together in teams that have great relations and high performance

Innovative Techniques

Facilities operate and develop faster when innovation is a core value to use the latest and best available tools and technology

BI4FM Evolution to

AI4FM Solutions

All facilities have two aspects, the Business Domain and the Operation Processes.  To improve either, the desired change management requires a team of experts to act as a Project team.

ChatGPT for Facilities Solutions

Applying the EMARI System Thinking Approach to ChatGPT for Artificial Intelligence assistance in solving problems pertaining to Facilities.

The database will be populated with the best practices from many different available practices known as a "Tool Kit" similar to what a QPMO Manager would utilize for problem-solving a situation.

At this time, Prompt Engineering is underway and further Management refinement is processing to provide the most natural dialogue expected from a consultant with facility management expertise.

The problem sounds simple enough for anyone with access to ChatGPT to use AI for consultation advice, however knowing the tools and how to ask for them is half the battle!

“A Prudent Question is One-half of Wisdom.” - Francis Bacon

New project proposal for an AI-Powered Business Intelligence for Facility Management

The Artificial Intelligence for quick response to the smart problem statement comes from QPMO ChatGPT Engine!

Our Services

Our team of experts provide the consulting, training, and coaching required to establish the QPMO for any improvement project.

Business Intelligence

Data-driven root cause analysis, benchmarking, and strategizing quality solutions 

Project Leaders

Identify talents and expertise needed for the solution implementation and team coaching 

Digital Transformation

Improve process mapping and apply lean efficiencies by use of innovative digital tools 

The Quality Assurance Methodology For Facilities Operation, Contractor and Contract Management

Proven Methodology for

All Industries We Serve!


Universities & Sciences

Education and Research facilities have utilized the BI4FM Methodology to improve their processes and digital transformation


Industrial & Government

Our experts have established Quality Project Management Offices for various Industrial Facilities, Automotive, and Municipalities

BI4FM Hospitality

Hospitality & Commercial

Facilities such as hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, and luxury apartments have improved their services using a QPMO

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