Facility Management

After completing his Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management, Dr. Emari, PMP continued his Ph.D. education in the area of Facility Management as he was working full-time on Detroit Water and Sewerage Projects. One of Dr. Emari’s earliest participation in Facilities Solutions research dates back to 1999 as part of the Detroit Public Schools Department of Facilities Management and Capital Improvements Center (DFMCI) improvement project. However, Dr. Emari’s graduate study research which was to improve the response time of Wayne State University’s Facility Management’s Work Orders led to the creation of the first Business Intelligence Dashboard for Facility Management and the birth of BI4FM methodology.

There are many different aspects to the Facility Management profession and the most complete Body of Knowledge has been developed by the ProFM Institute. However, Dr. Emari’s focus as a Construction Project Management Professional has been on Capital Asset Improvement as it pertains to the design, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of the infrastructure and physical built environment of different organizations. A facility’s operation and maintenance Design and Construction Services department ensures that the needed infrastructure is built and maintained for the business mission.

Dr. Emari has worked on over 42 projects with over 19 organizations to integrate quality into different stages of facility Improvement and has perfected the EMARI thinking approach to develop Quality Project Management Offices for any Business Development. Since working on complex construction projects require expertise in all three domains of business, process, and people domain, Dr. Emari has successfully applied the same principles as a Managing Director for an International Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company and later as a consultant to establish Project Management Offices for organizations in various industries.

Currently, in his role as the Construction Quality Assurance Manager for Stanford University, Dr. Emari is applying his methodology and experience in improving the SLAC’s Facility & Operation Design and Construction Services quality integration. The intent of this website is to demonstrate how the QPMO principles could be applied to many different areas of facility management.

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